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Overjet AI Cavity Detection

Thanks to advances in technology, the process of detecting cavities is more accurate than ever before. Overjet Caries Assist integrates AI technology to identify tooth decay with the ultimate precision.

Facilitates early and precise detection of dental disease

With the established connections between good oral health and overall wellness, it’s essential to diagnose early onset dental disease when treatment outcomes are most successful. Representing an FDA-cleared AI platform for tooth decay detection, Overjet Caries Assist uses the most advanced software and integrated artificial intelligence technology to identify carious lesions consistently and accurately.

Enhanced communication & patient-centric care

While elevating the standard of care to offer more precise caries detection, this innovative technology also allows patients to visualize their radiographs and see exactly where cavities have developed. It gives patients a clearer understanding of their oral health and recommended treatment options. As a valuable diagnostic and educational tool, Overjet Caries Assist enhances communication and enables our office to deliver patient-centric care and achieve results that support good oral health and overall well-being.

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