Improve Your Smile Without Metal

Smile Confidently With ClearCorrect® in North Knoxville

If you’ve wanted to straighten your teeth but don’t like the idea of dealing with two years or more of metal braces in your mouth, Kennedy Dentistry can help. There’s a better way to create your new smile using ClearCorrect® in North Knoxville. This innovative orthodontic method offers you:

  • Removable clear plastic teeth aligners
  • No embarrassing metal in your mouth
  • Comfortable treatment that is easy to get used to
  • An easier oral hygiene routine than braces
  • A new smile in as few as 12 months
  • Pride and confidence from knowing your smile is attractive
  • Straight teeth that make better first impressions

You can get started on your ClearCorrect® treatment and complete it by this time next year! Call Kennedy Dentistry today at 865-947-2220 to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation. Our office is located on Emory Road, just off I-75 near Powell’s Broad Acres neighborhood. We welcome patients from the Knoxville and North Knoxville area, including Powell, Oak Ridge, and Clinton.

Insurance may not cover the entire cost of orthodontic treatment, but you can obtain an affordable payment plan through CareCredit.

Complete Your ClearCorrect® Treatment in Months Instead of Years

The ClearCorrect® technique has offered successful results for well over a decade. Instead of using metal like standard braces do, ClearCorrect® uses a series of transparent teeth aligners custom-made from a plastic resin material. The aligners are BPA-free and FDA approved. Hundreds of thousands of patients have used this system to achieve beautiful new smiles they can take pride in.

Patients love that the custom-fit aligners slip easily over their teeth yet stay snugly in place. For optimal results, be sure to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours a day. Feel free to remove them for eating, brushing and flossing, and special occasions. Just pop them back in when you’re done.

Here is how treatment works:

  • You’ll wear each set of aligners for about two weeks, then switch to the next set in the series.
  • You’ll only have to come into the office for a progress check about once every six weeks.
  • At each visit, we’ll give you enough aligners to last until your next visit.

Many ClearCorrect® patients complete their treatment in as few as 12 months.

Avoid Feeling Self-Conscious With ClearCorrect® Aligners

Since the teeth aligners are made from clear plastic, other people will hardly notice them – if at all. You’ll never have to worry about walking into a meeting or classroom and having others stare at silver metal on your teeth.

Adults who didn’t get the opportunity for orthodontic care when they were younger especially love the ClearCorrect® method. They can straighten their teeth with complete discretion and carry on in their social and professional lives without feeling self-conscious.

If you’re ready to see a straight smile in the mirror, ClearCorrect® in North Knoxville can make it happen! Call Kennedy Dentistry today at 865-947-2220 to schedule an appointment.