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Gain Your Freedom From Bad Dentures

Independence Day – a day to celebrate our nation’s freedom.

How will you celebrate? A BBQ with family? Will you fire up the grill for some juicy burgers and corn on the cob?

If you have bad dentures, your day of freedom may not be so free. Maybe you can’t take a big bite into a burger for fear of your dentures coming out with it. Maybe corn on the cob is a thing of the past. Maybe you’ve decided you’ll never fully enjoy those foods and others again, whether a conscious decision or a subconscious one made by force.

You don’t have to spend every holiday or any day at all, for that matter, considering what you can eat. Dental implants give you the freedom to eat what you want without a second thought. Here are only some of the benefits you can expect when you have implants instead of dentures:

  • Replacement teeth that help prevent jawbone loss, a consequence of losing teeth
  • A younger, fuller-looking face because you’ve preserved the bone structure
  • Acceptance by others socially, romantically, and professionally because you can be yourself
  • Confidence that no one is judging you because of your smile or is distracted when speaking with you
  • Talking, laughing, and eating whenever you want to
  • Eating without discomfort or frustration
  • Eating what you want when you go out to eat with others – no need to turn down dinner invitations anymore
  • No additional special care to keep your teeth in shape – just brushing and flossing
  • No adhesives
  • Never having to remove your teeth, depending on the option you choose
  • Eating the foods you love and the foods that help keep you healthy
  • Better overall health because of an improved diet and improved chewing, which is important for proper digestion
  • Better oral health
  • Looking more attractive
  • Looking healthier
  • Looking more successful and well to do
  • Coming across as more approachable and friendlier
  • Propelling yourself further in your career and future aspirations of any sort – you now look the part and feel it, too
  • A potential lifetime solution since you shouldn’t ever need to replace your implants

Still hesitant about upgrading your bad dentures to teeth implants? Getting your implants from our team comes with many advantages:

  • Experienced professionals who create individualized plans to make sure you get the results you’re looking for
  • An office that does everything in one place – implant planning, implant placement, and implant restoration
  • Technology to ensure the most successful procedure and outcomes, including our 3Shape TRIOS 3 digital scanner, 3-D CT scanner, and computer-guided treatment
  • Local anesthesia and laughing gas to keep you relaxed and pain-free
  • Amenities to further enhance your comfort, including pillows, blankets, and massage chairs
  • The ability to get your implants and new teeth in one day – just ask if you’re a candidate
  • Payment options to help you afford your lasting smile, including insurance, financing, and prepayment discounts
  • A team who will explain everything you want to know and who will follow up with you afterward

Gain your independence from bad dentures. Start living your better life by calling us at 865-947-2220 today.